Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any special electrical equipment to use this light panel?

A: Nope! You can use your standard power outlet to keep it running. For international clients, get a local adaptor.

Q: Are the art panels all the same size?

A: 24”x 24”(600mm x 600mm) is the standard, we have a few custom sizes, check the website.

Q: What type of frames do you offer?

A: Original snap frame and fixed frame.

 Q: What are the options for the art panels?

A: Currently, mirrored stainless steel and white powder painted Aluminum

 Q: Can I design my custom size panel?

A: Yes, send us the requirements.

 Q: What kind of lights are they?

A: We use low voltage 11 watts RGB (red, green and blue) LEDs exclusively for the fixtures.

 Q: How do I set up the lights once I get them out of the box?

A: You can hang your new smart-panel lights anywhere, the same way that you would hang any other wall arts. Each box comes with screws. Contact us for any inquires. info@illumiarts.com

 Q: Do you need to shine some other light on the panel in order to see it?

A: Never! Illumiarts lights itself up, for your convenience.

 Q: Can I hide the cable cord?

A: Yes, depending on the wall construction, an electrician can be handy

Q: Can I add multiple panels on the wall and control the lights?

A: Yes, the remote application can be handle up multiple channel. Each panel needs to be set individually. Watch the installation video.

 Q: Can I locate the panel in wet or humid environment?

A: No, only in dry

Contact us for any inquires: hello@illumiarts.com






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