Seeing Art through the Light

Our goal is to create unique & innovative RGBW Led lighting artwork luminaire products that enhance the beauty and functionality of any interior space. We are committed to using high quality materials with the latest technology to design and products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Our goal is to inspire creativity and to bring a new level of artistry to the lighting industry while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Our USA products are safe to end users with UL, CE & RoSH certifications. 

Farah Barnes (creator) believes that the harmony between art, architecture, and light can lead to a better understanding of our world. She creates designs meant to uplift emotions, brighten spirits, and inspire people to appreciate the world around them more. Her work has been viewed extensively in the USA, Greece, India, and the Middle East. Driven by an unwavering passion for art and her entrepreneurial mindset, she has become a prolific designer. 

Seeing art through the Light Renowned as a designer and artist, Farah Barnes has never felt satisfied creating pieces for an aesthetic alone. She has, rather, sought to combine form and function. Her style is both unceasingly practical and fantastically striking, blending visuals that catch one's eye with ideas that change one's emotional state. She has produced world-class projects in architecture, architectural lighting design, and museum exhibitions throughout her career. She is an accomplished manager and thinker, first conceptualizing her pieces and then following them through to completion.

Her USA firm is a boutique architectural lighting design firm established in 1994, in the United States, with a successful record in architecture, exhibition design, architectural lighting design, and manufacturing with numerous prestigious national and international design awards. Her projects, involving both theoretical development and day-to-day execution, have prepared her well for even the most demanding tasks.

Moreover, she knows how to put her plans into action – a skill that has come in handy as she has developed a project all her own, an LED-based smart art panel called Illumi Art. Illumi Art, perhaps more than any other project Farah has undertaken, exists at the crossroads of beauty and usefulness. She captures art images through light illumination.

Her firm (APV architectural lighting and design) collaborates as a team to produce innovative, cost effective and energy efficient lighting system. Farah Barnes is an active members of international lighting organizations such as IES in USA. APV strives to combine state of the art lighting technology with ongoing research and on-site analysis of traditional approaches toward energy conservation. APV instills time honored methods of balancing the use of natural and artificial light in Architecture. Its team of lighting design professionals and engineers enable APV to produce a fully integrated quality and creative design solutions from the concept through to completion of each project, under Farah’s creative design and leadership.  

 Services: Standard and Custom Size Led Arts.

Inquires: info@illumiarts.com


Illumi Arts