Welcome to Illumiarts: Art and technology seamlessly merged


Experience the captivating blend of light and color with Illumiarts Bluetooth Luminous RGB and addressable LED Artwork. Our art pieces go beyond mere wall décor, offering a transformative experience for your living space. 


Our Mission: A Symphony of Light and Design

Our Reason to be is beyond mere lighting solutions; we aspire to create environments—living canvases where RGB and individually addressable LED technology meet artistic splendor. Our purpose is dual-faceted: to enrich any space's sensory aesthetics and augment its functionality through intelligent, adaptive lighting systems. In embracing this mission, we have committed ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence, both in the materials and technologies we employ.

Innovation at its Core: The Illumiarts Smart Panel

The panel houses a network of LEDs beneath a layer of interchangeable stainless steel & metal art, seamlessly interconnecting with our "app" through Bluetooth technology. Creating a visual art product that embraced technology, led lighting, colors and music. From vibrant color spectrums for energizing workouts to soft, warm hues conducive to relaxation, your interaction with the Illumiarts system is fluid, intuitive, and transformative.

A Journey in Excellence: Our Timeline
We launched in 2017 with a limited edition of the small size Illumiarts panel and have seen consistent growth since then. Our journey has included building a strong customer base, establishing strategic partnerships, and expanding our range of offerings. We prioritize safety and quality, evidenced by certifications from globally recognized bodies like UL, ULC, CE, and CB. These certifications aren't merely labels; they represent our commitment to delivering a secure and reliable products.

Company Background
APV Architectural Lighting Design is award wining firm founded in1994 in Alexandria, Virginia while specializes in various domains including architectural lighting, museum exhibitions, interior design, and tailored lighting solutions.

Our team, comprising architects, engineers, and artists, focuses on delivering inventive, cost-effective, and sustainable lighting systems. With a comprehensive approach that covers design conceptualization through to project completion, our firm has earned a reputation for high-quality, integrated creative solutions that span from conceptualization design to project completion. Guided by the capable leadership of Farah Barnes. Later, Farah established the new custom led artwork division that blossomed into an independent entity known as Illumiarts LLC.

Farah Barnes, the founder of Illumiarts LLC, brings over 30 years of experience as an architect, entrepreneur, and artist. Farah is not content with mere aesthetics; her philosophy revolves around marrying form and function.
Her signature style seamlessly blends practicality and artistry, weaving visuals that captivate the eye with ideas that resonate on an emotional level. Throughout her illustrious career, she has delivered exceptional award winning projects in architectural lighting design and museum exhibitions.

Illumiarts serves as a pinnacle in her career, representing her lifelong commitment to the confluence of form and function. Farah's passion for her craft radiates through her work, leaving a lasting impact on those who experience her creations.

Farah holds both a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech, as well as a Master of Business Administration from George Washington University. Her robust educational background equips her to design products that are not only visually compelling but also enhance the lives of those who interact with them.



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