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  • Beautiful Smart LED Artwork | Illumi Arts

    Beautiful Smart LED Artwork

    LED light artwork is the buzz of the year and Illumi Arts are at the forefront, offering beautiful pictures whose colours can be changed at the touch of a button on...

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  • Illumi Arts Bluetooth Luminous LED Artwork

    Transform the way you enjoy your space with the Illumi Arts Bluetooth Luminous LED Artwork. By day, these wonderful pieces are inspiring and vibrant. Then, once it’s dark, the brilliant LED...

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  • Effect of colored light on human body

    Artists and interior architects have long understood that colours can affect our feelings, emotions and mood. This is why the rooms in a hospital are often green – green calms...

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  • Create an amazing wall display | Illumi Arts

    Create an amazing wall display

     On a blank wall, you can create cohesive gallery of artworks with numerous Illumi arts' frames of the same size with changing LED colors. Illumi arts bring together the best of...

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  • Light color change mood in spaces | Illumi Arts

    Light color change mood in spaces

    Illumi art is wonderful decorative innovative lighting fixtures that transform living spaces. They are compact and surprising, bringing contemporary Green technology into modern spaces. The lighting fixtures allow to create fabulous designs and...

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  • Custom Illumi Arts at Ceiling | Illumi Arts

    Custom Illumi Arts at Ceiling

    Custom features bring a new dimension to your living spaces. Each luminous art panel can be tailored to your living experience and space. Modifications are only limited by ones imagination....

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  • Personalizing modern interior design | Illumi Arts

    Personalizing modern interior design

    llumi Arts lighting fixtures are great for personalizing modern interiors, including homes, boardrooms, offices, bars, restaurants, cafes, lobby spaces and lots more. RGB LED lights are elegant, come in beautiful standard...

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  • Bedroom lighting | Illumi Arts

    Bedroom lighting

    Having a beautiful RGB LED piece to really get you focused in the morning can be a great way to brighten up the walls. Have a beautiful art piece that can work...

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