Launching the Future of Lighting: IA on Kickstarter (Fall 2024)!

Prepare for Launch Soon!

Introducing IA: Super Smart Light (by Illumiarts LLC)

Powered by Addressable RGB LEDs: Millions of Colors at Your Command

IA: Create Your Luminous Canvas

Transform your space with cutting-edge IA modular LED panels. These innovative panels dance to your music, seamlessly integrating sound and light for immersive sensory experiences. Mirrored by day, dazzling light show by night.

Innovation at Your Fingertips: Smart Color, Smart Living

- Bluetooth App & Quick QR Setup.

- Access Cutting-Edge Technology with a Tap on Your Apple or Google Device.

- Enter a Realm of Constant Joy and Music, Enveloping You at Every Moment.

Dynamic Lighting for Unforgettable Gameplay

- Step into a bright world where light and fun come together.
- Easily pick colors to match your mood.
- Discover how adding light to games makes them cooler, more fun, and better for stories and adventures.

Unique Features

Light Dances to Music: Create captivating light shows synced to your music for an immersive experience.

Endless Creativity: Customize our space with stunning double-sided art panels and 142+ preset effects, create your own masterpiece & dimming.

Effortless App Control: The user-friendly IA app (iOS & Android) puts color, pattern, dimming, and more at your fingertips.

Smart Features: Enjoy Dual Control, Grouping, and Auto Device Connection for Seamless control and customization.

Mirror & Lightshow: Transform your space - a high-quality mirror by day, mesmerizing lightshow by night.

Safety Certified: Globally certified for peace of mind.

Available in Nano (11.8in) and Pro (24.8in) square sizes.

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Feature Section

Bluetooth Control & App: (iOS & Android) and Manual IR Remote
Customizable Panels: Match Your style.
Sync music: lights react to music and sound ro an immersive experience.
Dual function; Mirror by Day, Lightshow by Night Globally Certified 2 Sizes: Nano (11.8in) & Pro (24.8in)
Powered by Addressable LEDs: Millions of Colors, One Command