Unveiling a New LED Light Innovation on Kickstarter, Fall 2024!

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Create Your Dream Ambiance: IllumiArt Smart Light Panels

Unleash a Symphony of Light & Sound: IllumiArt transforms your space with dynamic colors that dance to your music.
Art Meets Innovation: Stunning, customizable art panels frame the captivating light show.
Effortless Control: A user-friendly app lets you personalize your experience.
Day & Night: Mirror by day, mesmerizing light show by night.
Safe & Certified: Globally certified for immersive lighting experiences.
Nano & Pro Sizes: Available in two sizes to fit your space.

Luminous Canvas: Paint Your World with Light

- Transform your space with innovative LED light panels.

- A captivating fusion of art, color, light, and reflective surfaces. Dance to the rhythm of your own emotions as IllumiArt transforms your space with dynamic lighting displays that ignite your creativity and uplift your spirit.

Unique Features

  • Dynamic Color & Rhythm: Experience a captivating display of light that dances to your music.
  • Customizable Art: Stunning, polished stainless steel art panels on two sides offer endless personalization options.
  • Bluetooth Control: Seamlessly control the light show and effects through a user-friendly app.
  • Daytime & Nighttime Functionality: Enjoy a mirror during the day and mesmerizing light shows at night.
  • Globally Certified Safety: Provides peace of mind for immersive lighting experiences.

Available in Nano (11.8in) and Pro (24.8in) sizes experiences.

Dynamic Lighting for Unforgettable Gameplay

- Step into a bright world where light and fun come together.
- Easily pick colors to match your mood.
- Discover how adding light to games makes them cooler, more fun, and better for stories and adventures.

Unleash the Power of Light: Introducing IllumiArt ✨

Since 2017, our passionate team of architects and engineers has been crafting the future of lighting with IllumiArt. These interactive LED light panels, featuring cutting-edge, globally safety-licensed technology, create vibrant and dynamic experiences that transform your space. Our intuitive app puts effortless control of colors, patterns, and brightness at your fingertips, creating a truly personalized lighting masterpiece.

Discover What Makes IllumiArt Lights Unique:

  • Effortless Smart Home Integration: Seamlessly control your IllumiArt with our user-friendly app. Set the perfect mood for any occasion with just a touch.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Our swappable, high-quality panels boast a stunning range of colors and premium materials, unlocking endless possibilities for self-expression. Design unique lighting that reflects your personality.
  • Immerse Yourself in Every Experience: IllumiArt's high-response LEDs not only react to music, but automate stunning lighting effects, immersing you deeper into your favorite games or movies.

Lighting for Well-being & Beyond:

We understand that lighting plays a significant role in our well-being. IllumiArt goes beyond mere technology, empowering you to transform your environment into a masterpiece of light. Whether you're a design enthusiast, a gamer, or simply someone who wants to elevate your space, IllumiArt has something for you.

Explore endless possibilities today. Visit our website to discover the magic of IllumiArt!

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