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    Color Changing LED Arts for home decor

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    Led home decor


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    Led home decoration

Luminous LED Artwork

  • SMART ART: why is this piece of art different from the others? Unlike a traditional painting, this frame is Wi-Fi connected and it gives you access to a special app that allows endless possibilities of light combos. Have the modern and minimalist home you have always dreamt of with this one-of-a-kind mirrored stainless-steel artwork.
  • FOR DAY AND NIGHT: during the day, this piece of work is impressive due to its unique and sensual shape, while the night time is for bright color switches that will create the wow factor you’re aiming for. Forget all about the traditional paintings and enjoy a modern look for your place.
  • The product is UL and  CE certified. Bluetooth control (iPhone, iPad & Android)


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