Unveiling a New LED Light Innovation on Kickstarter, Fall 2024!

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Q: What's the difference between Addressable RGB LED & RGB lights?

A: Addressable RGB provides greater versatility, allowing control of each LED for dynamic lighting effects, offering a new level of customization and creativity compared to traditional RGB lights.

 Q: Do I need any special electrical equipment to use this light panel?

A: No! You can use your standard power outlet to keep it running. For international clients, use a local adaptor.

 Q: Can I hide the cable cord?

A: Yes, depending on the wall construction, an electrician can assist, or you can use a cable channel


 Q: Can I add multiple panels on the wall and control the lights?

Yes, the remote application can handle multiple channels. Each panel needs to be set individually.

 Q: Can I request custom art and size?

Send your requirements for review.


Inquiries: hello@illumiarts.com