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Modern LED Wall Artwork

Luminous wall décor for zebra lovers



Modern Led Light (Illumi art) brings together the best of both worlds in interior design. You can have beautiful art pieces with unique color changing LED lights to enhance your home.

UL and CE certified. Bluetooth control (iPhone, iPad and Android). 

Art size: 310x310 (mm) 12.2nch x12.2 (inches)
Art material: Mirrored Stainless Steel

Weight: 4kg (8lb), 


The Wall Light is comprised of a square aluminum frame with optional changeable stainless steel art with protected Plexiglas cover to create a fresh, visually sharp and creative effect. The aluminum framed housing is equipped with RGB (red, green & blue) LEDs allowing you to create a diversity of saturated colors using a Bluetooth remote dimmable control; completely homogeneously illuminated; energy-efficient LEDs with high color rendering. 2 years warranty on lights. 


Housing Framed Materials: laser dotted LGP; PET reflective film at the back; Aluminum at back; PC front Plexiglas cover; DC 12V, RGB LEDs in 2 sides; White tape around all edge, and cable with 4 pin cylinder connections; RGB Bluetooth controller and power supply; 2 years warranty. 

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