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Heart led art


Control your led light colors from the palm of your hand. Download the "app" while remotely control the colors and programs. 

UL & CE  certified. Bluetooth control (iPhone, iPad and Android). 

Art size: 600x600(mm) 23.6x23.6 (inches)

Art material: Polished stainless 

Weight:  10kg (20lb)


The Wall Light is comprised of a square aluminum frame with optional changeable stainless steel art with protected Plexiglas cover to create a fresh, visually sharp and creative effect. The aluminum framed housing is equipped with RGB (red, green & blue) LEDs allowing you to create a diversity of saturated colors using a Bluetooth remote dimmable control; completely homogeneously illuminated; energy-efficient LEDs with high color rendering. 2 years warranty on lights. 

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