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Berlin LED Light



Unleash the Art of Light in Small Spaces: Introducing the IA Smart Light

IA elevates your surroundings with a captivating fusion of modern design, cutting-edge technology, and the rhythm of your music. This interactive LED wall art lamp transforms even compact spaces into vibrant displays of color, artistic expression, and rhythmic harmony.

Seamless Style and Functionality:

  • The sleek iron body and interchangeable polished stainless steel art panels offer endless possibilities for personalization, allowing you to craft your unique style in any space.
  • Pioneering addressable RGB LED technology, synchronized via Bluetooth, delivers a dynamic burst of color that dances to the beat of your music.

Display Locations: 

Perfect for indoor adding a touch of modern art and light to space-saving environments like foyers, hallways, living spaces, gaming room or even your cubicle. IA ensures lasting appeal with its robust aluminum body and globally certified safety features, providing peace of mind for immersive lighting experiences.

Globally certified for safety, it provides peace of mind as you immerse yourself in captivating lighting experiences.


Pro Dimensions

  • Height : 24.8 in (63 cm)
  • Width : 24.8 in (63 cm)
  • Depth : 0.78 in (2 cm)
  • Frame Thickness: 1.18 in (3cm)

    Snap Frame Light 

    • Frame Material : Brushed Silver Anodized Aluminum
    • Light Transmission: Acrylic Mitsubishi PMMA
    • Art Material : 1 Double Sided Polished Stainless Steel and Double Sided Aluminum Powder Painted Metallic Silver 
    • Led Strips : Along 2 sides
    • Cover : Clear or Translucent Plexiglass (optional)


    • Light Source : Integrated Addressable RGB LED 
    • Luminous Intensity : R: 725 mcd, G: 1800 mcd, B: 550 mcd
    • Lifetime : 50,000 hours
    • Communication Protocol : Bluetooth 5.3
    • Dimmability : Yes (via BanlanX App, Controller)
    • Communication Protocol : Bluetooth  
    • Mounting Type : Hanging wire, Z-shaped bracket and screws included
    • Companion App : Control via BanlanX App (Android & iOS) for mobile/tablet
    • Usage : Indoor Only
    • IP Rating : IP20
    • Light Warranty : 2 years 

     Color Temperature

    • 1200K – 5000K
    • Color Channel Configuration
    • Max Colors : More than 16 million
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI) : >80


    • Voltage : 100VAC - 120VAC
    • Max Power Supply Power : 12W

    Weight : 18 lb (8.17 kg)


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    App - Pairing Device

     To pair your light panel with your iOS or Android device, follow these simple steps:

    1. Requirements: Ensure you have your iOS or Android device ready (iOS 10+ or Android 4.4+), and have access to the QR code to download the companion application.
    2. *Download and Install Companion App: Begin by downloading, registering, and opening the companion application. You can do this by either scanning the QR code provided or by searching for "BanlanX" on the App Store or Google Play Store. Make sure to download the latest version of the app for optimal performance.
    3. Pairing Process:
    • Open the application and navigate to the home screen.
    • Tap on the plus icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Select "Add a new device" from the options presented.
    • The application will initiate a pairing window where you can select your device. Look for the   model number "SP611E" and choose it.
    1. Confirmation: Once the pairing process is complete, your IA light panel should now be successfully connected to your device and ready to use.

    By following these steps, you can seamlessly pair your light panel with your iOS or Android device and begin enjoying its features.



    1. Dual Control Support: The device supports both APP control via your smart device and IR remote control for convenient operation.
    2. Automatic Device Connection: Enjoy hassle-free connectivity with automatic device connection and automatic reconnection when the app is launched.
    3. Grouping Functionality: Easily organize and control multiple devices by grouping them together according to your preferences.
    4. Sound Reactive Modes: Choose from various sound reactive modes including phone mic, player streaming, and on-board mic to synchronize your lighting with your music.
    5. Customization Options: Modify device names, calibrate the RGB channel sequence, and utilize timer functions to tailor your lighting experience to your liking.
    6. Compatibility: Compatible with common single-line LED driver ICs available on the market, capable of driving up to 600 pixels for versatile lighting setups.
    7. Dynamic Effects: Access a library of 142 dynamic effects built into the device, with adjustable effect lengths and the ability to collect favorite effects for easy access.
    8. Music Effects: Enjoy 18 built-in music effects with adjustable lengths and sensitivity settings for immersive audiovisual experiences.
    9. Wide Voltage Input: Supports DC5-24V wide voltage input, with the power supply featuring anti-reverse connection functionality for added safety.

    10. Automatic Parameter Saving: The device automatically saves your setting parameters for convenience, ensuring your preferences are retained even after power cycles.

     illumiarts- paring instruction



    Inside Purchased Box

    What's Included in the Box

    • Complete snap light frame with designated art
    • Power supply 
    • IR remote control and guide
    • Wall mounting accessories: Includes hanging wire on the back of the panel, D rings, or Z-shaped hanger for versatile installation.


    Q: What's the difference between Addressable RGB LED & RGB lights?

    A: Addressable RGB provides greater versatility, allowing control of each LED for dynamic lighting effects, offering a new level of customization and creativity compared to traditional RGB lights.

     Q: Do I need any special electrical equipment to use this light panel?

    A: No! You can use your standard power outlet to keep it running. For international clients, use a local adaptor.

     Q: Can I hide the cable cord?

    A: Yes, depending on the wall construction, an electrician can assist, or you can use a cable channel


    Q: Can I add multiple panels on the wall and control the lights?

    A: Yes, the remote application can handle multiple channels. Each panel needs to be set individually.

     Q: Can I request custom art and size?

    A: Yes, Send your requirements for review.




    Installation - Care of Art


    Thank you for choosing our exclusive IA’s collection!

    To ensure the longevity and beauty of your artwork, please follow these care instructions:

    Create Your Ideal Display: Choose the perfect indoor location for your IA, considering lighting and how it complements your overall aesthetic.

    Secure Hanging: Depending on your wall type, securely fasten the artwork using 1 or 2 screws suitable for an 18lb weight. Utilize the wire hang at the back of the art, or use the optional hanging mechanisms provided along with screws.

    Unveiling Your Artwork:

    -Place the box on a clean, dry surface.

    -Carefully remove the corner protections and unwrap the art.

    -Important: Remove the protective film after unpacking.

    Maintaining Pristine Condition: We recommend wearing cotton gloves when handling the artwork to avoid fingerprints.

    Preserving Your IA: Keep your IA away from direct heat, hazardous materials, and damp surfaces to ensure lasting quality.

    Supervision and Safety: Adult supervision is necessary when handling the artwork, especially in households with children, to prevent accidental damage.

    Gentle Cleaning:

    -Use only a dry microfiber cloth to clean your IA.

    -Avoid using water or any cleaning solutions to prevent damage.

    -For polished stainless steel components: If necessary, contact us for specific cleaning instructions.

    Note: We strive for perfection, but sometimes slight variations can occur. Don't worry, these are minor and won't affect the enjoyment of your double-sided art! We're always happy to answer any questions you may have.


    Artist Bio









    I'm Farah Barnes, an entrepreneur, creator, and artist based in Washington, DC, with over 30 years of experience. Influenced by Bauhaus, Louis Kahn, Kandinsky and Andy Warhol, I earned degrees in architecture from Virginia Tech and an MBA from George Washington University. Early in my career, I designed art exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art, sparking a focus on the crucial role of lighting. Since 1990, my journey has transitioned from architecture to exhibitions and architectural lighting on both national and international stages.

     Artistic Fusion and Practice

    In my artistic pursuit, I envisioned a fusion of visual art, lighting, and music to transcend traditional boundaries, creating a profound, holistic experience that stimulates diverse sensory pathways and evokes emotional responses. My art involves innovative techniques with perforation and LED lighting. Starting with drilling and later embracing laser precision, I've perfected my craft since 2015. Dynamic LED colors connect to a Bluetooth app for added benefits, while integrated music enhances the immersive experience.

     Art Medium

    Working with various materials like Aluminum, Plexiglas and Polished Stainless Steel, I've found a particular affinity for the latter. Acting as a mirror during the day, polished stainless steel captures reflections, and perforations interact with light, creating captivating effects—light passing through holes, casting intricate patterns, and shadows on surrounding surfaces.

    Thank you for being a valued customer and choosing to be a part of our family.

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