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Rainbow LED

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"Illumination is our passion" Energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures with smart controls that will forever change the way you control your light experience.and this brought about illumi arts. Illumi arts represent the marriage of art and light. They provide a magical luminous surfaces while animate the spaces. We inspired by the idea of LED art installations and the flexibility of having LED lighting available throughout living spaces.

Illumi arts bring together the best of both worlds in interior design. You can have beautiful art pieces with unique color changing LED lights to enhance your home. With Illumi arts, you can build the artwork of your dreams as well as change the coloring and configuration all through Bluetooth technology with your phone easily. These solutions brought to you by Illumi arts are like an interior designers dream and you can easily bring them into living spaces.

UL, CE and RoSH certified. Bluetooth control (iPhone, iPad and Android).
Frame size: 324x324mm (12.7nch x12.7inch)

Art size: 310x310mm (12.2nch x12.2inch)

Weight: 4kg (8lb),


The Wall Art Light is comprised of a square aluminum frame and  protected Plexiglas cover  to create a simple fresh effect. The aluminum framed housing is equipped with RGB (red, green & blue) LEDs allowing you to create a diversity of saturated colors using a Bluetooth remote dimmable control; completely homogeneously illuminated; energy-efficient LEDs with high colour rendering. Sample colors by clicking the Dots below.

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Specification and Installation with Cover Download

Housing Framed Materials: 4mm laser dotted LGP (Mitsubishi brand); 0.3mm PET reflective film at the back; 0.8mm Aluminum at back; 1mm PC front Plexiglas cover; DC 12V, RGB LEDs in 2 sides; White tape around all edge, and 0.5mm cable with 4 pin cylinder connections; RGB Bluetooth controller and power supply; 2 years warranty.

Size: 324x324mm (12.7nch x12.7inch)

The Rainbow LED is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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